Monday, May 8, 2017

What If?

I have a few thoughts on my mind right now. But two stand out most of all. This first, and more important, being what if I could help people in my life realize their potential? Their potential to be the best friends they can be. Their potential to reach out and make someone's day, or even change someone's life for the better.
Their potential to make a difference.

What if I could help someone realize their potential to create?
To create better friendships, to create a better prayer life, to create a way to show the lost and lonely that there is hope and there is healing.
You see, creativity isn't just painting and music and dancing and sculpture and photography and writing. Creativity is much more than just the typical definitions of art, because anything you could do to impact someone, bring hope to their life, or make any sort of difference, big or small, takes creativity.
We were made in the image of a God who is ultimately creative. Therefore, I believe all of us, as human beings, can be creative in some way. That may come in the for of tradition (or not so traditional) art, but more often it comes in how we relate to the Creator and his creation (people and nature). It's how we speak to others, share our hopes, pursue our goals, and show our love. We are creative in our gift giving, in our encouraging or others, in our prayer life... Not just the art we hang on our walls or the songs we sing.
What if I could help someone realize that potential? What if I could help someone see something important to them and go after it? What if I could encourage someone to create the change they want to see in the world?

And secondly...
What if I could have a pet goat? That'd be pretty cool.
I like goats.